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 Active Days 

Active Days aim to:

Improve fitness and wellbeing

Improve understanding on the importance of good health

Promote social interaction and inclusion through sport

Activities may include:

  •     Swimming

  •     Gym

  •     Football

  •     Kickboxing

  •     Badminton

  •     Dodgeball

  •     Pool

  •     Bowling

Activities may depend on the group and their preferences. 

We offer shorter weekly active sessions, as well as full days during the school holidays.


A typical holiday active day may include:


  9:30        Breakfast        

  10:00      Lesson on healthy eating

  11:00       Activity 1 - Sport         

  12:30       Lunch              

  13:30       Activity 2 - Games        

  15:00       Pick up

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, and have a look at our gallery for pictures of our active days.

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