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We have 100 days to complete our mission - will you join Team Keen and help get us to Rome in time?

Run – Walk – Cycle – Workout from Home – Explore Europe

We have 100 days to complete our mission - will you help the team get to Rome in time?

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2007 miles

10 major European Cities 

1 incredible team

After the amazing uptake and feedback we received from the Three Nations Challenge, which saw us complete 617 miles in little over a month, we're back bigger and  better with The Race to Rome. 

Can Team Keen go one better and complete this mammoth challenge in just 100 days?

As the lockdown is slowly lifted we will be able to start small group challenge sessions where members can participate in the challenge together and help encourage each other over that finish line. 

Expect lots of social media updates and information about the places we pass on the virtual trip of a lifetime. 


You can either run, walk, cycle or find an even more enjoyable mode of human powered transport to get your miles in. 
Travel as far as you like, as often as you like.
​Use a running app or Google Maps to see the distance you've achieved on each trip.
Let us know the distances you’ve completed via text or email (at least weekly) and we’ll add them to the Keen2Go total on our website and share our progress through social media. 
If you prefer to exercise at home that’s great. We’ve tried Joe Wicks and that definitely deserves some mileage! Award yourself one mile for every half an hour you complete and if you enjoy working out at home, check out Malookoo for some amazing Zumba. 
Friends and family members are more than welcome to join in – we need all the help we can get!
Please make sure you are safe and following relevant guidance at all times. Don’t tell your parents you’re off to Italy before suddenly leaving the house!
Have fun, encourage one another and be sure to share your experiences with us and others.
We will also be announcing weekly skills challenges with up to 10 bonus miles awarded for completing a series of tricky active briefs - stay tuned!


Creatives of all kinds, we need you!

Can you bring life to the amazing cities we visit?



We're looking to put together an epic scrapbook of our journey through Europe and need your help!

We want people to take lots of pictures of themselves out completing their exercise for the challenge and will ask participants to add a short quote on their experiences so we have something great to cherish once the challenge is complete.

The challenge for our amazing creatives is to bring the journey to life through awesome short stories and artwork that feature the places we visit along the way, as well as some factfiles for each city. 

In particular we are looking for...

Inventive short stories set in one of the cities we visit

Cool pictures of the landmarks we see along the way

Cracking facts about each city

If you are participating in the active side of the challenge, how about writing a diary of your experiences?

Please send in any creations and we can share them and add them to our end of challenge scrapbook.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any ideas and good luck!   



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