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Active Days

From hammering the pads like Anthony Joshua to coolly tucking in reds like Ronnie - our active days are designed to improve fitness and wellbeing, instil an understanding of the importance of good health and promote social interaction. 


Social Days

Bowling and bingo, dinners and discos. Join us for our social days and make new friends, improve social interaction and communication skills, and have a jolly good time!


Travel Days

You can get your chills from the ice cream on Brighton beach in the summer or from the spooky Tully's Farm at Halloween. How about the pantomime at Christmas or going to visit the goats in Spring? Travel days give young people opportunities for new experiences and assist them in becoming more independent.


All About Me Project 

We can assist in the completion of the 'All About Me' section of the Education, Health and Care Plan - introduced in 2014. The EHC assessment focuses on the needs of individuals to create suitable person-centred plans.


Skills Days

Our skills days offer a platform for young people to take control - to take ownership of a project and revel in the satisfaction of learning a new skill. We boost self-confidence and independence, whilst promoting an environment of support and encouragement between peers.



Additional Services

We also offer a one-to-one buddy service, deliver enrichment programmes and assist in school and college transitions. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss how our experienced team can best suit your needs.

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